Top 5 Karan Aujla Songs - 2020

Top 5 Karan Aujla Songs

Top 5 Karan Aujla Songs

    1.Let 'em Play Karan Aujla | Video Song | Lyrics

    Let 'em Play Lyrics: The Punjabi song is sung, composed and written by Karan Aujla, and has music by Proof while the music video of the Let 'em Play song is directed by Sukh Sanghera.

    2. Bombay to Punjab Deep Jandu| Video Song | Lyrics

    Bombay to Punjab Lyrics from Deep Jandu's Down to Earth Album - Punjabi singer/music-producer Deep Jandu collaborates with Indian rapper DIVINE for the track Bombay to Punjab. Deep Jandu has produced the track while Karan Aujla and DIVINE have written the Bombay to Punjab lyrics.

    3. It's Okay God Karan Aujla| Video Song | Lyrics

    It's Okay God Lyrics: The Punjabi singer-songwriter Karan Aujla comes up with his new track It's Okay God. The song is sung, written and composed by Karan Aujla while Proof and Homeboy have produced the music. The music video of the It's Okay God song is directed by Rupan Bal.

    4. Aukaat Jassie Gill| Video Song | Lyrics

    Aukaat Lyrics - The song is sung by Jassi Gill featuring Karan Aujla. The song has music produced by Desi Crew while Karan Aujla has written the Aukaat lyrics in Punjabi (ਔਕਾਤ Lyrics in Punjabi). The music video of Aukaat song is directed by Arvindr Khaira featuring Babbal Rai and Prabh Gill in a special appearance.

    5. Hint Karan Aujla | Video Song | Lyrics

    Hint Lyrics - Karan Aujla has sung the Punjabi song and Jay Trak has produced the music while singer-songwriter Karan Aujla himself has written the Hint lyrics. The music video of Hint song is directed by Rupan Bal and Rubbal GTR.

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